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Nutrition & Fitness Expert Course, INFS
Nutrition in Pregnancy, LMU
Lifestyle Weight Management, NESTA
Pursuing PhD in Nutrition Science

It takes a moment, or, sometimes years to identify true passion, and converting it into a career is a whole new ballgame.

From a professor, to an entrepreneur in the Retail-Foods space, to now being a coach, Ujwal has had a journey of bouncing back from a highly stressed-out and an unbalanced lifestyle.

Wanting to replicate this for others, Ujwal began the journey of reading just about everything on the internet, getting qualified and completing courses related to clinical nutrition, postpartum, diastasis recti along with lifestyle weight management. Finally leading him to the coach he is today.

He started coaching clients and understood how happy it makes him not only change the way they look, but also help them change their entire life for the better.