What clients have to say

TFC_0000s_0000_Testimonial - Indralin D.
At first I was a bit skeptical about experimenting with the online coaching process. But, I can now proudly say, I beat my lifestyle diseases and now I am off all my medications. My mentor has made me feel younger than ever!
Indranil D.
TFC_0000s_0006_Pooja P. Testimonial
My tough pregnancy and postpartum weight gain made me enroll with The Fit Chase. My mentor changed my perspective on how I was looking at my nutrition and got me to adhere with my workouts and diet despite my complications.
Pooja P.
TFC_0000s_0007_Dhairya S. Testimonial
Being a typical corporate robot that I am, I found it almost impossible to workout at home. My coach has helped me make the most out of the limited resources around me. Thanks to The Fit Chase, I feel energized all day at work.
Dhairya S.
TFC_0000s_0003_Steve E. Testimonial
My previous trainer gave me a random diet & workout to follow. But, The Fit Chase went to the extent of understanding my triggers, infact my overall personality! My coach exactly knew what motivated me, and he helped me NAIL IT!
Steve E.
TFC_0000s_0005_Praharshita M. Tsetimonial
Lose weight and keep it off! LOL! The whole idea of sustainability & fitness as a lifestyle seemed alien to me. But now, there are no doubts about how The Fit Chase used their habit-based coaching method (as they call it!) to change my life.
Praharshita M.
TFC_0000s_0001_Testimonial - Ajay S.
All required changes in my plans were made as and when needed. This was done without any to and fro hassle! Initially, my wife and I both had enrolled, but now, my entire family has enrolled.
Ajay S.
TFC_0000s_0002_Suraj N. Testimonial
Getting fit couldn't have been easier than this! Inspite, of my hectic schedule, where my job demands a lot of travel, The Fit Chase helped me design a plan which was realistic. I now feel well equipped with smart strategies to stay fit on-the-go.
Suraj N.
TFC_0000s_0004_Saasha J. Tsetimonial
My coach went an extra mile to understand my busy lifestyle in detail and got after me if I started slacking! All my doubts were patiently handled and she helped make this sustainable. Truly grateful for her empathetic nature.
Saasha J.
TFC_0000s_0008_Testimonial - Sumit.S
They have every tool in their tool box which is used at the right time. Be it carb cycling, fasting or plugging-in a maintenance phase when needed. They know it all! My advice : Be patient with your coach, put in the hard work and wait for magic to happen.
Sumit S.

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