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MBA – HR, NMIMS, Mumbai
Pursuing SBS Academy, PTC
Nutrition & Fitness Expert Course, INFS
BBA, Symbiosis International University, Pune​

Following his passion, Shrey quit his corporate job as an executive search consultant and started The Fit Chase. Today, he is not only a fitness inspiration but also has an impeccable track record of transforming lives of more than 700 clients on a leading fitness platform.

In his coaching experience, not only has he had the opportunity to lead fitness seminars at various corporate organisations, but also feature on the cover of a fitness magazine. He strongly believes, the key to being a successful coach is having the ability to empathise with clients and cater to their diverse needs in the most personalised manner.

If you have serious goals, such as transforming yourself or competing in a bodybuilding/powerlifting competition, your serious goals need professional guidance. Having more than 4 years of coaching experience, he has the knack of using scientific principles and applying research-backed approaches to deliver sustainable results.