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MBA, Xavier Institute of Management
Nutrition & Fitness Expert course, INFS
Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, EBVTR

For Priyanka, the journey of awakening to fitness has truly been an unconventional one. With her formal education in management, she has carved out a path into the world of fitness through sheer force of will and persistence.

Being an avid dancer throughout, she knocked on the door of fitness to ensure that her physical fitness isn’t a bottleneck in pursuit of dance. And, that one decision has turned into a constant theme of her life ever since.

Admittedly a late bloomer, she is now a certified yoga trainer, an expert in nutrition and fitness, and challenging herself with professional training in various dance forms. She has pursued all this while hustling with an active day job, which defines her work ethic and passion for fitness. Having worked in the corporate world, she has had the hands-on experience to deal with a diverse group of people and delivering desired results.
Owing to the benefits of a fitness-oriented lifestyle, Priyanka started coaching many clients to achieve their fitness goals, however busy their schedule may be.