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200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, Kaivalyadhama
Nutrition & Fitness Expert Course, INFS
BBA, American University in Dubai
Graduate Diamonds Diploma, GIA

Ever since she was a child, Nida was bullied for having a little too much “baby fat”. This led her to have a frictional relationship with both food, and her own body. As a tween, she was already reading up on quick ways to lose fat and even tried a little too many fad diets all through her teen years. Her biggest obsession was getting thin, and it almost consumed her.

Over the years, by studying nutrition sciences and yoga closely, she came out victorious, only to fall back on the wagon with an emotional eating disorder. However, this time she was armed with the right knowledge and it only took a little bit of patience with herself, to resolve the problem. Long story short, she is now not just great friends with food, but is also keen on coaching people how food is nourishment and isn’t something to be afraid of.

Nida has coached over 500 clients and has specifically helped many women manage their body image, fertility and hormonal issues. Enroll with her if you want a coach who can be a friend in need and also give you a kick butt when you need one.  Apart from helping clients embrace their bodies and adopt a better lifestyle, she is a multidisciplinary designer running her own online business. At the Fit Chase, she strives to help others design the healthy lifestyle of their dreams.