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Coached 1000+ clients
MBA (F), SP Jain institute of Management & Research
PT Course - Nutrition, Training, Contest Prep & Powerlifting, PTC
Nutrition & Fitness Expert course, INFS
Pursuing CSCS
BMS, VES College of Art, Science & Commerce

A businessman with a deep passion for fitness and the drive to guide and transform people is what best defines Mukund’s goals. He understands your health/fitness goals are just as important as your career goals, and how you can excel at fitness without letting it affect your career. The main focus is always on sustainability.

With a training experience of 10 years and a coaching experience of almost 5 years with 1100 clients transformed, has helped him understand not just the theoretical and practical aspects of coaching but the ability to break mental obstacles that can often stand between his clients and their goals.

Having said that, Mukund prefers to work with clients with serious long term goals. If you are serious about your goal, whether it is fat-loss, transformation, bodybuilding, contest prep, powerlifting or any other sport, Mukund will go out of his way to help you achieve it with a science-backed & evidence based approach.