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Suprotim Som

PGDM (Marketing) -IMT Ghaziabad
Nutrition & Fitness Expert course, INFS
A slick-talking Bengali with an MBA degree, Suprotim has spent 3+ years in the IT industry consulting large-scale enterprise clients on cutting-edge technology solutions. He has a training experience of 10+ years (having put on over 20+ Kgs on muscle in the process) and coaching experience of 1 year in which he has successfully coached dozens of people from undergrad students to homemakers to corporate moguls.
Having lived through the grit and grind of an MBA, and a career in  IT Sales thereafter, Suprotim understands the importance of sustainability and believes health & fitness can go hand-in-hand with our day-to-day life without overwhelming or depriving one of other responsibilities, interests, and hobbies.
Suprotim believes that fitness (and in effect wellness) is a very personal journey and it is a coaches duty to not only help their clients achieve their goals but do so in a way that is in line with their lifestyle and also educates them in the process so that they can be self-sufficient and become pillars for change in their own circle and community