FUEL STORES – Energy Processes In The Human Body

The human body is a well mechanized machine, and like all machines, it needs fuel to function. To breathe, walk, talk, sleep, exercise efficiently, your body takes up energy from its fuel sources. Even when one is asleep, the body works to repair itself, the lungs still process air, the heart still supplies blood – […]

The Dark Side of Calcium Supplementation

As children, calcium was like the one relative we disliked but had to bear with in order to avoid conflict. Our mothers would go to any lengths in order to put milk, the magic potion down our throats. As an adult you’ve learnt to make smart choices and ensure that you consume as much calcium […]

Posture Matters

Before we begin, please ensure you’re not slouching. Sit up straight. Ever wondered why your dreaded deadly back pain attacks you just when it is the last thing you need? Why do fitness trainers put so much emphasis on exercise form? Do you want to run away from your otherwise favorable job only because of […]

Lift Off The Fat Curse In Fatland [A Fitness Fairytale For Children]

Many years ago, there was a small town called Fatland, named such because most of its inhabitants were fat. They were always attempting something or the other to get rid of their belly jellies, sagging love handles, granny arms and thigh jiggles.When their hard work would not entail desired results, they would be in a […]


Thanks to the west and Instagram, yoga has become the new cool. Even athletes are adding yoga to their routines to prevent injuries and maintain flexibility. Although our ancestors recognized the benefits of yoga way before Instagram came along, the new age yogis we see on the internet can make it appear overwhelming for a […]

Myth or fact: Fit Women Will Fall Off Menstrual Cycles?

Every fit and athletic woman out there has heard vague comments like, “lifting weight can make you look like a she-hulk”. While we know that these claims are baseless, one that tends to worry us is that of the Female athlete triad – when women train too intensely, eat very few calories and hold too […]

The Flexibility Dynamic – Bend It Like An Athlete

Being an athlete starts off with fun and games until the monster called competition creeps up on you, and takes you downhill through a tunnel filled with sweat stained dreams, haywire limits and unforgiving injuries.  What started off as a hobby becomes the most integral part of your life – suddenly you are expected to […]

Pay Heed To The Hypertrophy Range For Maximum Muscle?

One of the most hotly debated topic when it comes to fitness professionals and hypertrophy is- the hypertrophy rep range. Hypertrophy as you all must know is defined as an increase in the tissue mass of an individual corresponding to an increase in his/her cell (muscle) size. This increase is achieved by regular exercising, more […]

Is There An Upper Limit To It ‘High Training Volume’?

Hypertrophy or gain in muscle mass is dependent upon a lot of factors. The most commonly considered and debated of these factors are- the rep range and training volume. We know that similar hypertrophy is experienced over low, moderate and high ranges, with moderate range showing slightly better results. However, even this moderate rep range […]